Health Screening

Health Screening – Well person checks

The purpose of health screening is to diagnose illness at an early stage and so facilitate earlier and more effective treatment. It is also to identify risk factors for the development of disease at a later date. It allows the doctor to spot any tell-tale signs that require preventative action from small lifestyle tweaks to necessary specialist referral.

At Suffolk Street Surgery, the well person consultation takes an hour, and is carried out entirely by the doctor. This allows you plenty of opportunity to discuss even minor symptoms of concern.

What happens at a well person examination?

The doctor will take a thorough personal and family history, including a systems review which looks at all aspects of the functions of the body.

The doctor will then carry out a full medical examination including blood pressure measurement, examination of the heart and lungs, abdomen, eyes, ears nose and throat, height, weight and abdominal measurements, neurological, dermatological (skin) and back examination, urine analysis and an ECG.

Blood tests will be performed for blood count, liver, kidney, bone and thyroid function, lipid (fat/cholesterol) measurement, test for diabetes.

Other tests that may be performed as appropriate: Breast examination in all women, Smear test*, examination of the testicles and prostate gland (men), test for blood in the stool, STI screening, additional blood tests according to what has been discussed earlier on in the visit.

A week after the screening visit the doctor will phone you to discuss your result and then give you a copy of your results.

Unlike some health check clinics, at Suffolk Street Surgery we will address and manage any issues raised. This may consist of lifestyle or simple dietary changes, or may involve arranging further tests or specialist referral which we will discuss with you and organise.

* If eligible under the National Screening Programme of CervicalCheck. Please go to their website,, to check eligibility. If not eligible under the scheme, a fee of €35 will be charged for the smear test.