Flu Vaccine

Each year, a flu vaccine is formulated to provide immunity against the most common strains of Influenza A & B of the current flu season. Of course, the decision to get the flu vaccine is an individual choice, but it is highly recommended for people who belong to certain risk categories (e.g. pregnant women, people with long term illnesses and those with compromised immune systems). The flu vaccine is free to people in the high risk categories. Anyone outside these categories wishing to receive the vaccine pay a fee. Please see our fees section for the cost.

If your company is looking for the vaccine for employees, please phone 01 6798181 and we will be happy to arrange clinics. We may, depending on demand, run flu vaccination clinics. Please see our News section for updates on date and times of these clinics.

Other Vaccinations

We also provide vaccinations for Adult Meningitis, Cervical Cancer and Chickenpox. We order these vaccines on an individual basis for each patient. If you are interested in receiving any of these vaccines, please phone 01 6798181 to place an order and to arrange an appointment. The costs of these vaccines are listed in our Fee’s section.